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First Light

Lavonne Bosman

16July – 27 July 2018


Diverse as human beings might be, they all have at least one thing in common. From one time or another, all human beings or their forefathers have all come from somewhere else. Migration is a way of survival, it is a search of hope, of giving children a better future.


In her work titled « First Light Migration in the Swiss mountain Alps », Lavonne Bosman looks at the history of migration in the Graubünden, Switzerland, with particular focus on two very diverse groups of people situated in close proximity.


She meets the people of a small Alpen village named Medergen, which has a history of migration dating back to the 1300s when the Walser people of Lötschental started moving there and established a community. For the second part, she gets to know the current day asylum seekers,

temporary housed at Valbella, a previous ski hotel in Litziruti,

just down the road from Medergen.

The works from this project are placed alongside another project looking at the amaXhosa

people with their own experience of migration

from their homelands to city townships.

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