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Daytime Bioscope

18-30 April 2017

In this project, The Gallery of University of Stellenbosch (GUS) is re-imagined as a popular community space, inspired by the old-days cinemas. This is not a video art exhibition.


As a social experiment, the Daytime Bioscope aspires to present an inclusive public space of relational aesthetics, where community members can enjoy art and each other’s company.


The pilot season featured 9 selected videos that were screened during two weeks in April 2017, everyday, during the day, for free.


The short films (one to ten minutes duration) were contributed by established artists and young emerging voices. Most of the artists are based in South Africa.


WEEK 1: Money

Iseeyou  Simon Gush (SA)

Creation  Kudzanai Chiurai (ZIM)

Meal Time  O'refiloe Mashope (SA)


WEEK 2: Movement

A Windy Day  Kamyar Bineshtarigh (Iran/SA)

Beitbridge Moonwalk 2010  Dan Halter (SA)
East African Soul Train by Dr Mojo (SA)

You and I and You by Terence Nance (USA)


Curatorial team: Valeria Geselev, Charles Palm, Necolene Burger, Joshua McLean and Kamiela Crombie

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