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Upcoming Exhibitions

MA review season_S2_2023.png

Masters in Visual Art Annual Review Season

The Department of Visual Arts Stellenbosch University and GUS presents a series of 3 exhibitions featuring the practice-based research by current postgraduate students in Visual Art, Communication and Jewellery Design. 

Through an array of mediums, each artist presents an introspective and thought-provoking collection that takes a look into and reflects on their academic experiences, pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms while forging new paths in contemporary artistic expression.

All are welcome and GUS is always free!

29.07.2023 - 03.08.2023

Aldo Brincat

Chanel Lombard

Lee vd Merwe

12.08.2023 - 16.08.2023

Christian Blaauw

Jordan Dreyer

Mariambibi Khan

Tamara Weetman

22.08.2023 - 24.08.2023

Ankia Lloyd

Ashley Petersen

Henri Johnson

Mishkah Abrahams


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