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African Rhythm 

21 September 2017

African Rhythm was born a few years ago, when a group of 11 young musicians who all sang and played music instruments, each struck a chord together. “What began as jam sessions, busking in the streets of Johannesburg and a YouTube video that went viral, turned into a youth band that got recognition from various media platforms” recall the band members.

This event was the third in The Stellies Jazz Experiment series. The series is an initiative of Gallery University Stellenbosch (GUS) supported by Alliance Française Stellenbosch – exploring the possibility of turning the white cube into a pop-up live music club. The series previously hosted successful performances by South African musicians Vuma Levin, Madisini and Found at Sea.

Curator of GUS, Valeria Geselev: “We wish to construct an inclusive and inspiring public space in Stellenbosch, making space for creative social happenings. We want to keep it steady and free, and are reaching out to potential partners who want to support culture in the area, such as Alliance Française Stellenbosch who support the upcoming performance”.

Alliance Française Stellenbosch is part of a world-wide network that aims to “promote cultural diversity and the French values of freedom and brotherhood; it stands as an alternative to the downside of a uniform globalization and of a dehumanized world”.

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