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Press Release

3-27 October 2017

The Nyanga Arts Printmaking workshop (nicknamed "Young Blood" by the participants) is a young collective that stemmed out of the Tupelo workshops held at Nyanga Arts Center. Velile Soha and Ledelle Moe have coordinated two pilot workshops with a group of young learners from the area to begin and hopefully establish an ongoing and consistent biweekly Arts workshop at the center. Abongile, Nomusa Mtshali and Charles Palm have assisted in the classes bringing their unique creative insights as artists to the workshops. We hope to introduce sculpture to the workshops, collaborate with local puppet and theatre artists, and continue with printmaking in the upcoming year ahead.

GUS is a public multi-disciplinary community centre, creating a space for sharing of knowledge, ideas and inspiration in Stellenbosch. Its name stands for Gallery University Stellenbosch, as it serves as an off campus extension of the Visual Arts Department. Based in an old church on Dorp Street, GUS is unique in its position, as a space that aspires to inspire, without the concern of selling art. The gallery focuses on the social value of its curatorial offerings – in the form of exhibitions, poetry events, live music performances, open lectures and screenings.

Participating artists:
Roderick Sauls
Vulindlela Nyoni
Bonolo Kavula
Jessica Lee Staple
Terri Dennis
Joshua Mclean
Stephané Edith Conradie
Emily Fitzgerald
Ledelle Moe
Velile Soha
Jaco van Schalkwyk
Learners from Black INK. Collective
Learners from Nyanga Arts Printmaking workshop




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