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Florence Chitacumbi's performance at GUS 

 9 May 2018

Hailing from La Chaux-de-Fonds, Florence Chitacumbi, the daughter of a Swiss mother and Angolan father, constantly dances on the edge of this double origin, which has greatly influenced her life and music.

Influenced by the music both her parents listened to, Chatacumbi’s style was further refined by the discoveries of sounds and experiences of Congolese and West Indian musicians, and the discovery of jazz through the voices of the great female performers.

Chitacumbi has an extensive list of collaborations, concerts, meetings, exchanges and musical experiences, spanning from Brussels, Switzerland, Cameroon to China, to name a few. She has released four CD’s, Uniq (1995), 6th sense (2000), Crossed gaze (2006) and Rebels (2011).

To give life to her projects, Chitacumbi says she surrounds herself with musicians who understand her musical sensitivities and whom also have substantive careers as individual artists. For the South African leg of her 2018 tour, Chitacumbi will be joined by Christophe Bovet [guitar] and Stella Scrivo [vocals].

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