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Coin De La Creation

11 September  2017 

You are cordially invited to an evening of discourse and discussion at Gus art gallery, where over 30 theses will be briefly exhibited with the purpose of facilitating learning, engagement, and critique around the various subjects they aim to unpack. They will be presented alongside art exhibitions broadly charged with speaking to Psychological experience, including memory and selfhood, and identity and self-reflection.

The evening aims to create a space for dialogue and critique around the various theses, where their authors can engage as experts on a paper of their own creation. Psychologists, fans of the field and interested intellectuals are all welcome to join us for an evening of learning and networking.

Come curious, help yourself to a glass of wine, and enjoy an evening of thought on thought.

See you there,
Joshua Yeatman (event coordinator) and Nicolene Burger (curator)

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