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Drawing and Sound

Imporvisational Collaboration

25 May & 30 March 2017

You enter GUS (Gallery University Stellenbosch) through a back gate located on Bird Street. Three spaces are used- a courtyard and two indoor spaces. No lights are switched on. Its 18:00. There is one DRAWer, two musicians and two vinyl DJ's. You are part of the process.

Drawing with limited sight, sometimes no sight at all.
Led by the experimental, unrehearsed sounds of a cello, electric guitar, voice, and perhaps vinyls. All of the sounds come from different spaces, yet there is no way to not hear them all at the same time, some louder or more far off depending on where you position yourself.
There is a paper walkway to guide you through the space- but you are also given a tool to draw with as you enter- will you participate?

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