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DiaLogical podcast series


Free live music gathering featuring Stanislav (French accordion music) and Verlain Aken (reggae)

Promising to be an evening of experimenting and learning from two different music styles and cultures: viewers are encouraged to contribute to the experimenting while learning how to play Djembe drums: “By interacting with the group, the audience help create one musical voice, adding to the voices of the musicians.”

Stanislav Angelov is a Cape Town based, Bulgarian born Classical Accordionist who has lived in South Africa for the last 25 years. With a degree in Classical Accordion, his repertoire is as versatile as his instrument. It ranges from Classical to Tango, Jazz, French Café & his native Balkan style music. Stanislav has done recordings for SABC and has been featured on CDs of many South African Artists.

@Verlain ELATH AKEN, le Fils de l’aigle (the son of the Eagle) is a Congolese musician from Brazzaville. Since 2015 he is a member of the Libertas Choir and played reggae in many venues in Cape Town. His songs address the challenges facing the African continent and carry universal and spiritual messages.

This Free Cultural event is an initiative of Alliance Francaise Stellenbosch, working in close collaboration with GUS (Gallery University Stellenbosch) aiming to improve contact and communication between cultures by the medium of art and to experiment new possibilities of exchanges.

12 October from 19:00.

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