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Curated by Louis Jansen van Vuuren


"In its complexity of chemical composition and its richly diverse symbolic and narrative reference, Green was the point of departure for this collection of artworks.

The annual exhibition event helps raise funds for the Post Graduate bursaries for the US Department of Visual Arts and the intern curatorship at GUS [Gallery University Stellenbosch]. More than 16 deserving students benefited from this initiative in the past.

Several artists were invited to do works with the green theme as their inspiration. They were urged to interpret the proposal from any creative vantage point. Drawing inspiration from the spectacular range of green pigments or the simple symbolism of the colour signifying growth and rejuvenation.

When the entire planet is under siege, we could only benefit from focusing on the color green's positive energy".


Covid Regulations Apply. Please wear a mask.

Please join us for the opening of REIMAGINING THE ARTS Exhibition


16.02.2021 - 05.03.2021


A Social Impact Project Exhibition of the Department of Visual Arts, Stellenbosch University


"Arising from a need for critical dialogue on knowledge production, the REIMAGINING THE ARTS exhibition is geared towards the documentation of material culture, namely objects, traces and/or events among local communities that can be described as textual (such as poetry, visual art, craft, film, photography and design) and sensory (with interests such as food and the traditional use of herbs) in historically disadvantaged areas in and around Stellenbosch. During the collection of material culture around Stellenbosch, discussions also started to evolve into the sharing of stories, art techniques and mediums.  This was the impetus for the REIMAGINING THE ARTS project, resulting in this group exhibition." (RADA, 2019).


Covid Regulations Apply. Please wear your mask.

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